Czech Development Agency

Czech Development Agency, while making effective use of available experience and resources, assists less developed countries with finding solutions to their development challenges and thus contributes to the dignified and sustainable life on our planet as well as to nurturing a good reputation of the Czech Republic abroad.

Main activities:

  • identification, formulation and monitoring of bilateral projects of development cooperation between the Czech Republic and partner countries
  • support and implementation of projects focused on temporary expert assignments and on cooperation with the private sector
  • support of trilateral projects co-financed by other donors
  • support of local projects aimed at raising awareness about development cooperation and capacity building of Czech entities

Implementation and Development of Eco-tourism Infrastructure in One Zambian National Park Aiming at Improvement of Local Economic Prosperity, Reduction of Countryside´s Poverty and Improvement in the  Conservation of Natural Environment – a Feasibility Study

Zambia is one of the larger inland African countries of 752,612 km2 with a relatively small but dynamically growing population. It is one of the poorest countries with a GDP per capita of about 1700 USD and in recent years with a total growth of 3–4 %. Zambia has allocated a significant portion of its land surface to wildlife conservation. Protected areas comprise of 20 national parks (covering ~65,000 km2), 36 game management areas (167,000 km2) and a variety of other protected area categories. Together these areas cover ~40 % of the nation’s land area. Since 2017, Zambia has become a priority country for the Czech development co-operation.

The Nature Conservation Agency (NCA), in close cooperation with Zambian Ministry of Tourism and Arts and the Czech University of Life Sciences, has developed a feasibility study in three Zambian national parks studying possibilities to develop eco-tourism infrastructure as a mean for biodiversity conservation, rural development and poverty alleviation. The results of the study suggest building an eco-tourism facility in the Kafue National Park as a source of sustainable income for local population, biodiversity protection and ecosystem research.

The feasibility study was funded by the Czech Development Agency.

Feasibility study on Eco-tourism infrastructure  in Zambian National Parks, 2019